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Caring For Your Pot-Grown Christmas Tree In ireland

You know what they say, it’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas holiday. While we prepare for the holiday season, there’s a thing or two you should know about caring for your pot-grown Christmas tree before the holiday begins. 

What is a Pot-Grown Christmas Tree?  

But first, what exactly is a pot-grown Christmas tree? If you’re unfamiliar with them, pot-grown Christmas trees are exactly how they sound: Christmas trees that are planted in a pot rather than cut down and displayed during the Christmas season. 

As more and more people become sustainability-conscious, the demand for pot-grown Christmas trees has exploded. These types of trees are a form of renewable energy, so once you’re done with them, they will serve as a safe and clean habitat for local wildlife and put more oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Here’s everything you need to know about pot-grown Christmas trees. 

When Should You Buy and Put up a Pot-Grown Christmas Tree?

A pot-grown Christmas tree is a little bit different from a normal Christmas tree. In a lot of cases, you can buy a normal Christmas tree well in advance and have it last until after Christmas has ended. A pot-grown Christmas tree, however, is a bit different. 

The idea here is that you actually want to wait to as close to Christmas as possible, then buy one and put it up. This is because when they’re in ideal conditions, they’ll last about 7 to 10 days indoors. If you’re okay with putting your tree up right before Christmas, then this should be no problem. If you want something that lasts longer so you can enjoy looking at your decorated tree inside all month long, you might not want to consider getting a pot-grown tree.

Benefits of Using a Pot-Grown Christmas Tree 

Because of where they’re grown and their size, pot-grown Christmas trees are usually perfect for those living in an apartment or to decorate around the office with. While larger Christmas trees may be beautiful to look at, the reality is that not every living space can accommodate them. As such, potted Christmas trees offer the best of both worlds by allowing homeowners to still obtain a Christmas tree, without having to sacrifice a lot of room for one. 

Another big benefit of using a pot-grown Christmas tree is that it isn’t as much of a fire hazard as traditional, cut Christmas trees are. Because regular Christmas trees are plucked from the ground, they tend to dry out without proper water management. This, coupled with lights, creates a serious fire hazard. However, since potted Christmas trees are alive, the risk of burning is not as high. 

Last but not least, pot-grown Christmas trees give you options. Perhaps in Christmases past, you chucked your tree as soon as the holiday season wrapped up because it died. Or, maybe you decided to opt for an artificial tree because you were tired of “wasting” money on something that never lasted longer than a few weeks, but never quite felt comfortable with considering how harmful they are to the environment. While these situations are common, potted Christmas trees serve as a go-between in these two different scenarios. 

Though your potted Christmas tree should spend no more than two weeks inside, the average potted Christmas tree can last the entire year (or longer) if taken care of properly. Once the holiday season wraps up, you can keep it outside where it will adjust to the cooler temperatures and continue to thrive. This gives Irish homeowners the best of both worlds by letting them keep a Christmas tree alive all year long and allowing them to enjoy it for more than a few days or weeks during the holiday season, without harming the environment through the purchase of an artificial one. 

Why it’s a Better Option Than Artificial Christmas Trees

There are a number of benefits to having a real tree over an artificial tree. In general, real trees have a smaller carbon footprint than their artificial counterparts. Real trees also help produce oxygen and store greenhouse gases. 

Having a potted tree also means that it becomes easy to replant after the holidays are over. And even if you don’t want to keep the tree after Christmas, you can always donate it to an organization that will plant it like a park or a school, so you don’t have to let your tree go to waste.

Tips for Taking Care of a Pot-Grown Christmas Tree

If you wish for your potted Christmas tree to last as long as possible, you need to do a few things in order to keep it alive as long as you can.

First, make sure that once it’s inside, it’s in a cool spot and near a window. This will help give it its best chance to last as long as it can. 

Make sure to not let it dry out. When you first bring the tree home, don’t immediately bring it inside. Put it in your garage or shed and let it get used to warmer air before moving it inside where the temperatures will be consistently warmer.

Water your tree just enough to keep the roots cool and moist while it’s in a watertight container. This is especially true during the summer months when drying out is much more likely. 

When you buy your pot grown tree, you should get specific directions on how to take care of it. If not, ask if they can provide some for you to ensure your tree lasts as long as it can.

Find Your Perfect Potted Christmas Tree at Cork Christmas Trees

Our potted trees are perfect for small spaces. We are proud to sell pot-grown trees to our Irish friends and welcome you to experience the difference that a potted Christmas tree can make this Christmas season and those moving forward. 

Call us today at 087 7691389 or shop our inventory online at your convenience. Our main Christmas tree shop is located in New Park, Centre Park Road in Cork, and our farm is conveniently located in Currabeg Ovens. 

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