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Discover Your Perfect Fir: Exploring the Diversity of Christmas Trees & Products

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Discover Ireland’s Beloved Christmas Trees & Products

Step into the verdant world of Ireland’s most cherished types of Christmas trees! With us, you’ll journey through a curated selection where each tree type radiates its own distinct charm and features. Delve deeper below to unveil the rich tapestry of the best-selling species we proudly cultivate and offer.

Titl Tree Types

Noble Fir

This is the most popular non shed Christmas tree in Ireland. Mostly due to its fragrance and needle retention.

Titl Tree Types

Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir is becoming more of a popular Christmas tree in Ireland due to their neat shape. Also has strong needle retention.

Large Christmas Tree In Ireland

Large Christmas Trees

Large trees available in Noble and Nordmann fir up to 22ft. We also have spruce in sizes up to 25ft.

Titl Tree Types

Small Christmas Trees

Ideal for apartments or small areas.

Titl Tree Types

Live Growing Potted Tree

Potted trees are ideal for a porch and can also be planted in your garden.

Titl Tree Types

Tree Stands

We have a selection of tree stands available including water holding stands. Both are screw in and easy to install.

Titl Tree Types

Christmas Wreaths And Holly

Christmas wreaths made from foliage of Noble fir and real holly for sale from our outlet.

Titl Tree Types

Christmas Garlands

Excellent addition to household for Christmas.

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Nurturing Nature: Our Ethical Growing Methods

Seeking a Christmas tree that’s not just beautiful, but grown with care?
Our trees aren’t just sprouted overnight. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to ethical practices, we cultivate a range of trees that Ireland loves.
Whether it’s the luxurious Noble fir, the classic Nordmann fir, the unique Lasio Carpa, the traditional Spruce, the fragrant Korean fir, the aromatic Balsam fir, or the iconic Fraser fir, our methods ensure each tree flourishes while preserving the environment.
Dive deeper to understand our commitment to sustainable cultivation, and choose a tree that aligns with nature’s rhythm and your festive spirit.

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