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Large Christmas Tree (9ft – 30ft)


Our expansive collection boasts both outdoor and indoor large Christmas trees up to an impressive 30ft. These are especially sought-after for spacious venues like large halls, hotels, events, or for a grand outdoor display. Opt for our non-shed Nordmann fir species for a lasting impression.We supply up to 35ft.


Our Large Christmas Trees

Usher in the festive season with a majestic centrepiece! A large Christmas tree amplifies the holiday vibe and becomes the essence of your holiday decor. From the towering strength of spruce trees to the delicate elegance of Nordmann firs, our range is perfect for your aesthetic and financial preferences. And remember, beauty lies in details. Even the simplest decorations can make your tree a stunner. Whether adorned with twinkling lights or decorated minimally, our giant Christmas trees promise to sprinkle holiday magic in every corner. Whether you’re looking for a 10ft Christmas tree in Cork or a 30ft Christmas tree anywhere else in Ireland, we proudly cater up to all sizes nationwide. For prices, kindly get in touch.

Delivery Queries?

For trees over 12ft, our local online delivery rates vary. Please reach out for a tailored delivery quote before you finalize your online payment. Are you eyeing a tree taller than 20ft? Ring us up to check availability, as our stock for trees nearing 35ft is limited.



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What Sizes we Supply

  • 9ft-10ft Christmas Tree
  • 15ft-20ft Christmas Tree
  • 20ft-25ft Christmas Tree
  • 25ft-35ft Christmas Tree

Tree Care Tips:

  • Indoor Display: Wait to bring your tree inside until you’re set to showcase its splendor.
  • Initial Care: Before placing it, saw a few inches off the trunk bottom. This helps in better water absorption.
  • Outdoor Maintenance: Trees placed outdoors last longer and don’t need watering.
  • Indoor Maintenance: Position the tree away from heating sources. A cooler room temperature further ensures your tree stays fresh for an extended period.


How To Stand A Large Christmas Tree Outdoors?


Standing a large tree outdoors, especially one that is over 20ft feet tall, requires stability, longevity, and safety. Here are some advice and steps to consider:

  1. Select the Right Spot:
    • Choose a level surface.
    • Make sure the location is visible but away from high traffic zones.
    • Keep it away from overhead power lines or other potential hazards.
  2. Dig a Hole:
    • If you’re not using a stand and instead want a more permanent setting, dig a hole about 2 feet deep (or more depending on the tree size). The hole should be wider than the tree’s base.
  3. Anchor the Tree:
    • Use guide wires or ropes attached to the tree’s midsection and upper section. Anchor these wires using stakes driven into the ground at a 45-degree angle, away from the tree.
    • Make sure the tree is straight before securing all anchors. Adjust as necessary.
  4. Check Stability:
    • Weather conditions like wind, rain, or snow can affect the tree’s stability. Regularly check the tree, anchors, and stand to ensure everything remains secure.
  5. Lighting and Decorations:
    • If you plan to decorate the tree with lights, ensure they’re rated for outdoor use.
    • When decorating, distribute the weight evenly to maintain balance. Heavy decorations should be securely tied to branches.
  6. Safety Measures:
    • Consider fencing off the area around the tree, especially if it’s in a public space, to prevent accidents or vandalism.
    • Make sure the tree does not obstruct any pathways, roads, or sightlines.

Why Buy A Large Tree?

A Christmas tree is not just a decorative element; it’s a statement of festivity, a symbol of joy, and the heart of holiday celebrations. While trees of all sizes bring charm and happiness to our homes and spaces, there’s something undeniably majestic about a large Christmas tree. Here are compelling reasons why you might want to go big this festive season:

  1. Grand Visual Impact:
    • Dominates the Scene: A large tree stands tall and proud, instantly becoming the focal point of any space. Its towering presence is impossible to overlook, drawing the eye and capturing the imagination.
    • Luxurious Appeal: Larger trees exude opulence and grandeur. They can turn any space, be it a home, office, or outdoor venue, into a luxurious holiday wonderland.
  2. More Decorating Real Estate:
    • Diverse Decoration: With more branches and space, you have the creative freedom to use a broader range of ornaments, from the tiny, delicate ones to the large, eye-catching baubles.
    • Layered Lighting: Larger trees can accommodate more lights, allowing for intricate designs, layered effects, and a brighter, more enchanting glow.
  3. Symbolic Significance:
    • Statement of Celebration: A grand tree signifies the importance you place on the holiday season and can be a reflection of your festive spirit.
    • Tradition Amplified: A big tree can house more significant and numerous ornaments, some of which might have been passed down through generations, telling a rich story of family traditions.
  4. Elevated Presence in Larger Spaces:
    • Fills Up Spaces: For homes with high ceilings, event halls, or large outdoor spaces, a large Christmas tree ensures the setting doesn’t feel empty or under-decorated.
    • Public Venues: For businesses or community centers, a large tree can serve as an attractive gathering point, fostering community spirit.
  5. Longer Visibility:
    • From a distance, a large Christmas tree remains clearly visible, making it a beacon of holiday cheer for neighbors and passersby.
  6. Economic Value:
    • Longevity: Large, high-quality Christmas trees, especially when well-maintained, can often last longer than their smaller counterparts.
    • Resale Value: Post-holiday season, larger trees, especially artificial ones, can have a good resale value, given their grandeur and appeal.
  7. Environmental Benefits:
    • If you opt for a real large tree, you’re supporting tree farms that, in turn, contribute positively to the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide, stabilizing the soil, and providing habitats for wildlife.