Christmas Tree buying tips on how to pick the perfect tree

Picking a real Christmas tree has been a long time celebrated tradition. It can be a exciting occasion with the natural scent and Christmas aroma around them. When it comes to selecting a Christmas tree it is always good to know about what your buying and what factors to consider.

Christmas tree buying guide for picking the best tree:

  1. Allways measure your ceiling height. Its important there is a little bit of room for the star.
  2. Measure your stand and subtract this from your ceiling height.
  3. Measure the width of space available for your tree.
  4. It is allways best to bring your stand with you when buying if you are unsure.
  5. Ask your seller what type of trees they have, when they were harvested and which types have good needle retention.
  6. Pick a fir tree that looks the freshest and most appealing.
  7. Check that the branches and needles look fresh and are firm by firmly holding the foliage.
  8. Make sure that you have a tree with the right height and width for your home.
  9. When you have picked the perfect one, saw an inch should be cut off the base to help water intake.
  10. Purchase a water stand if you don’t have one already.
  11. Make sure you are watering your tree as soon as you have brought back to your home.
  12. Place your tree in a cool, well ventilated area and make sure your water stand is regularly topped up with water.

When to buy a Real Christmas Tree?

This is quite an important factor when deciding to select a Christmas tree. If you are a first time customer you should consider the space and room temperature when deciding when to purchase. Regular customers may have traditions on when to bring a tree inside their home and they also have a fairly good idea how long it will last. If you are unsure it would be best not to buy too early. Each year after your first purchase you can buy a few days earlier. We recommend using a water stand which helps keep your tree fresh for longer and keeping your tree away from direct heating sources. The traditional date to buy a tree is 8th December, so just before or after this date is the best time to choose your tree.

Since we are Christmas tree Growers we harvest regularly keeping a continual fresh stock for our customers when buying. We also keep updates on Facebook for our customers when freshly harvested trees are arriving.

Where to pick to perfect tree?

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