Titl How To Boost Color For Christmas Trees

How to Boost Color for Christmas Trees

August is a time when Christmas trees have finished there growth season and an important time to check if they need added nutrition to boost the color of there foliage. This can be done through foliar application or granules on the soil. Ever wondered how we get a deep rich green to blue tint color in our tree? We will explore this below.

Timing and the right application will show the best results when trying to boost color of a xmas tree. Depending on the soil type we will use either foliar and granular applications. What nutrition do they need? Suprisingly they need a range of nutrients to thrive. This can be anything from Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium,Sulphur,Boron Copper ,Manganese, Zinc or Iron . By giving our trees the right nutrition, it makes sure our customers have a healthy and glossy looking tree at Christmas.

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