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Nordmann Fir

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About Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree (Abies nordmanniana)

The Nordmann fir, often referred to as the Caucasian fir, stands out as a favored selection for Christmas trees. Its appeal lies in its grand stature adorned with lush, deep green foliage. Each flat, pointed leaf contributes to its dense, bushy appearance, exuding a sense of opulence and richness.

The Nordmann fir, also known as the Caucasian fir, is native to the mountainous regions south and east of the Black Sea, notably within Turkey, Georgia, and the Russian Caucasus. Its present distribution links back to the forest refuges that existed during the Ice Age, predominantly around the eastern and southern Black Sea coast.

  • Growth and Size: This robust evergreen conifer reaches impressive heights of 55–61 m with a trunk diameter extending to 2 m. Exceptionally, in the Western Caucasus Reserve, some trees have been reported to tower at 78 m (256 ft) and even 85 m (279 ft), setting records in the Caucasus, Anatolia, the Russian Federation, and Europe.
  • Leaves: The Nordmann fir’s needle-like, flattened leaves span 1.8–3.5 cm in length and 2 mm in width. They are glossy dark green on top, contrasted by two blue-white stomatal bands underneath. Typically, the leaf tips are blunt, occasionally notched, though pointed tips can be found on young, vigorously growing trees.
  • Cones: Their cones measure between 10–20 cm in length and 4–5 cm in width. Each cone possesses around 150–200 scales, each bearing an exserted bract and a pair of winged seeds. Mature cones break apart to release these seeds.
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