how to care for your real christmas tree

Whether you have been purchasing a real tree for many years or it’s your first time, it is always best to provide the best Christmas tree care so it will last throughout the whole season. There are many tips that can help prolong the lifespan of your tree indoors.

Christmas Tree Care Tips – How to Care for Real Tree

  • Cut an inch off the base to allow water to absorb into the tree
  • Only bring into your home when you’re ready to display
  • If it is your first time buying as a real tree then it is better not to purchase to early
  • If stored outside keep it away from pets or animals and keep in a bucket of water
  • Water stand – If you don’t already have a water-holding stand then purchase one. Watering a tree is one of the best ways to help it stay fresh for longer
  • Watering – Top up with water when needed. A fresh-cut tree can consume litres of water in a day
  • When indoors keep away from direct heat sources and keep in the coolest area of the room
  • When indoors, lowering the temperature of the room can help from drying out
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