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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – How To Decorate A Tree

While there are almost too many fun and enjoyable holiday festivities to count, one that always stands out as a fan favourite is decorating the tree. With vibrant ribbon, strands of garland, and sentimental ornaments that commemorate years past, your Christmas tree is a testament to family, friends, and the good things to come in the following year. 

When it comes to decorating your tree, there are a few important tips you should keep in mind that can help make the process more efficient. Below, we provided some helpful tips for decorating your Christmas tree this holiday season. 

1. Lighting First

The first thing you should do when decorating a Christmas tree is hang the lights up first. This is simply because it’ll be more difficult to hang the lights if ornaments and other decorations are already hanging off of them. 

The easiest way to light your tree is to wrap it around the tree’s trunk and work your way up. Once you’ve reached the top of the tree, start working your way back down to make sure the majority of the branches are covered. 

2. Get The Right Hooks

Ornaments come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to have hooks that can support their weight so they don’t damage the integrity of your tree. Ornament hooks come in a variety of sizes, with the most popular ranging from 1.5” to 2.75”, so there are plenty of options available on the market that will be perfect for whatever kind of ornament you own. 

3. Hang Your Ornaments in Order

When you’re decorating your tree, it’s recommended that you do so in a specific order. Always hang your largest ornaments up first, that way they’re not blocking any of the other smaller decorations. For the best look, it’s recommended that you hang three large ornaments for every foot on your tree. 

Next, you should hang your mid-sized ornaments. Place 8-10 of these deep within the branches approximately every foot of the tree. Next, you should fill in any space with smaller ornaments. 

Keep in mind that heavy ornaments should be placed at the bottom of the tree, as this will help preserve the tree’s branches. 

4. Add Ribbon and Garland

Once all the ornaments are adorning the tree, it’s time to add the ribbon. The ribbon is a crucial element of tree decorating as it helps to cover any gaps left in the tree that weren’t able to be covered by ornaments. Before you drape the ribbon, fluff out the branches. This will help keep the ribbon up. Like Christmas lights, you should start wrapping ribbon at the base of the tree and work your way up and back down again. If you are interested in having a draped look, fold your ribbon into swags about 12” long and hang from the top. The prettiest and most versatile kinds of Christmas tree ribbons include burlap, mesh, and satin.

This technique also applies to Christmas garlands; if you want to create a unique design, you can cut your garland into an S-shape and secure them to the top of the tree to let them hang down. 

5. Top Off With an Accessory

Last but not least, you have to finish with a tree topper! There are many options available, including stars, angels, ribbons, and bows. 

Many families opt to create their tree accessory, with bows being one of the most popular. To make a bow for the top of your tree, cut about 15” off the ribbon and fold it over to make two loops at the top and bottom. Next, cross the right loop over the left to make a new third loop. Fold the left loop to form the bow and knot it. You can adjust the tails to your desired length. Secure this bow to the top of the tree and let the tails hang down to create a flawless design that will bring a smile to you and your family’s faces. 

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