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  • Premium Wreaths


    Available to purchase in our shop and farm!

  • Garlands



    Garlands An excellent addition for seasonal decorations in any home, inside or outside. Made from fresh Noble Fir foliage, 3 ft in length. Our Real Christmas Garlands are available in both plain and decorated. Ideal to place on your dining table, stairs or above fireplaces.   Check out our premium Christmas wreaths in stock here.

  • holly with berries



    Real holly with berries for sale in Cork sold in bunches at 10 euro each.
    Available to purchase in our shop on Centre Park Road and our farm.

  • Cork Pot Grown Christmas Trees


    Christmas is a time when people want to feel festive, but often don’t have the space for a big tree.

    A lot of people choose to get an artificial tree because they think that they don’t have the space for a live one, or they’re worried that it won’t last.

    Pot grown Christmas trees in Cork are perfect for small spaces. They’re live trees so you can watch them grow, and they come in a pot so you can take them with you when you move.