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Cork Pot Grown Christmas Trees


Christmas is a time when people want to feel festive, but often don’t have the space for a big tree.

A lot of people choose to get an artificial tree because they think that they don’t have the space for a live one, or they’re worried that it won’t last.

Pot grown Christmas trees in Cork are perfect for small spaces. They’re live trees so you can watch them grow, and they come in a pot so you can take them with you when you move.


Live Pot Grown Christmas trees are available to Buy

Our Cork pot-grown trees have become more popular in recent years. These live-growing Christmas trees are ideal for small areas such as reception rooms or porches, and can be planted outside to await your future harvest of a Christmas tree! You also have the option to leave them outside where they will eventually grow into a beautiful large tree. Perfect whether you want one now but need something larger later down this road (or not). Not sure what type suits you best? We’ve got just about every size under 5 feet tall with us here.

What We Sell;

  • 2ft Korean Fir
  • 3ft Korean Fir
  • 4ft Korean Fir
  • 5ft Korean Fir
  • 2ft Blue Spruce
  • 3ft Blue Spruce
  • 4ft Blue Spruce


We’re focused on growing healthy, high-quality trees that can stand up to any conditions. Our pot grown are kept in the ground for better irrigation and they also get water supply sprinklers! Other potted plants might be dug up from their pots which reduces survival rates – but not with our special focus: we only sell those whose growth has been Steps 1 through 3 (in order) by maintaining them perfectly during each stage. Check out our tree care guide below.


Pot Grown Tree Care & Info


  • Must be watered regularly, especially in the summer
  • Our large 10-litre pots will hold a tree until it grows to 5 ft max and a larger pot will be needed if your tree is to stay growing in a pot after.
  • Do not leave inside a warm room or inside for prolonged periods of time.
  • If planting in your garden it is best to do so in April when there is no frost.
  • You can fertilise your tree twice a year which will help better growth, colour and fullness.

Check out the full guide here.


Difference between Potted Christmas Trees and Pot Grown

You may be wondering whether to buy a potted Christmas tree or a pot-grown Christmas tree. Both options have their pros and cons, so it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. Potted trees are cheaper as they are dug up and potted but will unlikely survive. While Pot grown trees have been grown in a container since seed. We only sell pot-grown trees!


What is a Potted Tree?

A potted tree is simply a tree that is grown in the ground and then dug up and potted when ready for sale. While it may look healthy, the root structure will likely be damaged as a result of transplanting. This process causes a shock to the tree, damaging roots and will unlikely service as a result. Some retailers may supply this option but don’t be fooled by the appearance. One way you can check is by pulling the plant out of the pot. The roots should be swirled will all the soil intact.


What is a Pot Grown Christmas Tree?

A pot grown tree is a Christmas tree that has been grown in a pot, but can also be planted in the ground. This means that you have the option of keeping it indoors for short periods or outdoors. Pot-grown trees take longer to grow and will look bushy as a result. The process starts from seed in a container and will eventually be moved to a farm where the pot is sitting underground for irrigation. As the plant grows it will be transferred into a bigger pot which allows the roots to expand. However, they require upkeep such as watering and fertiliser in order to thrive once they are off the ground. The pot grown is the best choice in order for the longest survival rate.