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As devoted Christmas Tree Growers, we cultivate each tree with care and dedication, ensuring it embodies the festive spirit. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means every tree is a centerpiece worth cherishing. Experience the magic of our meticulously grown holiday firs

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Hard Working & Environmentally Friendly

We are a family business owned by Fintan Riordan, where our love for trees started in Forestry over 25 years ago.

Since then, Cork Christmas Trees and its partner, Cork Christmas Tree Farm, have committed to offering superior timber and the finest Christmas trees. Every year, we nurture thousands of non-shed Noble and Nordmann firs — a journey that can span up to 12 years for a mere 6 ft tree. Proudly affiliated with the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association, our diligent team works year-round to ensure impeccable quality — from pruning and planting to the festive harvest. As Christmas approaches, we eagerly share our carefully cultivated trees, inviting you to partake in timeless holiday traditions.


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Dedicated to nature & passionate about Christmas Trees.

At the heart of our ethos lies a deep reverence for nature and an unwavering passion for Christmas trees. As we navigate through the cycles of growth, nurture, and harvest, our dedication reflects in every fir’s lush foliage and robust stature. But our role isn’t confined to mere cultivation. As a retailer, we bridge the gap between nature’s wonders and your festive celebrations. Our team is committed to providing a seamless and delightful buying experience, ensuring that each customer leaves with a tree that embodies the spirit of Christmas. With us, you’re not just purchasing a tree; you’re embracing a piece of nature curated with love and festive fervour.

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Fintan Riordan

Organic Irish Christmas Tree Growers

Our Mission

Quality & Environment

We don’t use harmful chemicals that affect the environment. Instead, we use a flock of sheep that graze around our crop. Being a Christmas tree grower starts from sourcing the best plants and using suitable land. In order to achieve high quality, our trees will be worked on throughout the year where we complete various tasks to help shape and grow a sale-able crop. We grow a variety of species including;
1. Noble Fir
2. Nordmann Fir
3. Korean Fir
4. Lasio Carpa
5. Norway Spruce

Retail Trees To The Public

We work very hard in providing an excellent service to our customers. Our team can assist with your selection, wrap your tree and place it into your car when requested. Also offer a delivery and collection service.

Promote ‘Love A Real Tree’ Campaign

We are one of many members of the growers association of Ireland that promote this campaign. Purchasing real Xmas trees helps benefit the local economy and also the environment.

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