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We are a family business owned by Fintan Riordan, where our love for trees started in Forestry over 25 years ago. Since then we have worked very hard in producing high-quality timber from our forest and quality Christmas trees from our farm for the public. Cork Christmas Trees and partner company Cork Christmas Tree Farm is dedicated to providing the public with the best selection of trees and service for the best experience possible. Every year we plant thousands of non-shed trees mainly of Noble fir and Nordmann fir where it can take up to 12 years to achieve just 6 ft.

Were also members of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association Of Ireland. As a grower, our team will try to maximize producing a high-quality crop. This involves hard work all year round from winter pruning, planting to harvesting. From winter to summer months our team will take care of pruning, shearing, bud picking and fertilizer to meet our client’s needs. At the end of August, we can then grade trees that will be sold for the coming Christmas season. By November to December Christmas is looming and the harvest is well underway. It is then time to supply and sell quality trees to the public, celebrating Christmas traditions.


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Top Quality

Organic Methods

Our Mission

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01. Quality & Environment

We don’t use harmful chemicals that affect the environment. Instead, we use a flock of sheep that graze around our crop. Being a Christmas tree grower starts from sourcing the best plants and using suitable land. In order to achieve high quality, our trees will be worked on throughout the year where we complete various tasks to help shape and grow a sale-able crop. We grow a variety of species including;

  • Noble Fir
  • Nordmann Fir
  • Korean Fir
  • Lasio Carpa
  • Norway Spruce
home grown trees sold to the public

02. Retail Trees to the Public

We work very hard in providing an excellent service to our customers. Our team can assist with your selection, wrap your tree and place it into your car when requested. Also offer a delivery and collection service.

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03. Promote ‘Love a Real Tree’ Campaign

We are one of many members of the growers association of Ireland that promote this campaign. Purchasing real Xmas trees helps benefit the local economy and also the environment.

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