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About Noble Fir Christmas tree (Abies Procera)

The Noble fir is a western North American fir. Because of its dense color, the rich colour branches are very popular for making real wreaths and decorations. It the most popular non shed Christmas tree on the Irish market. This type is known for its scent, colour and good needle retention.

The Noble fir, recognized as the “noble fir” by David Douglas in the early 19th century, is a distinctive tree species native to the Pacific Coast of the United States, specifically the Cascade Range and Pacific Coast Ranges. Often hailed as a classic Christmas tree, it also goes by the names “red fir” and “Christmas tree.”

  • Growth and Size: This large evergreen conifer boasts a slim conic crown, soaring up to heights of 70 meters (230 ft). On rare occasions, it can even touch 90 meters (295 ft) with a trunk diameter reaching 2.7 meters (8 ft 10 in).
  • Bark: Young trees present a smooth, gray bark with resin blisters, transitioning to a rugged, red-brown surface in older trees. The inner bark radiates a reddish hue.
  • Leaves: Needle-like in structure, these leaves span 1-3.5 cm in length and possess a glaucous blue-green color on both sides. They carry a distinctive slightly S-shaped twist, curving above the shoot.
  • Cones: Standing erect, the cones measure between 11-22 cm in length and 6 cm in thickness. Notably, their purple scales are almost entirely overshadowed by long yellow-green bract scales. These cones mature to a brown shade, disintegrating in the fall to release winged seeds.
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