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Christmas Tree Stand


We recommend our Easyfix stands as they are the most durable and easiest to fit your tree. We use a custom machine that’s made for the Easyfix stand and ensures your stand will fit with no hassle.


Selection of Stands

We stock a variety of tree stands including recommended Easfix stand that comes with a sachet of tree freed to help keep your tree fresh for longer.

We supply simple screw-in Christmas tree stands online for your tree.
The base of your tree will be pre-drilled and these stands will easily twist clockwise into the base of your tree.

Will that will hold up to 10 ft trees.
They are easy to screw in and probably the most convenient
to use as there is no need to pair the end of the tree.
We can also drill the hole in order to screw to the base of your tree.
Price is only 10 euro.

Water Holding Christmas Tree Stands

This will hold water which will help keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer.
The water-holding stand screws in and the small bucket which are also
supplied is placed underneath the legs of the stand. Once your tree is installed add water and add more regularly.

Additional information

Christmas tree stand

Over 14ft €50, Up To 14ft €40, Easyfix Metalic Water Holding Stand €40, Standard screw in stand €10, Water holding stand €20