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Supplying top-notch trees to local and national retailers, our team prioritizes premium quality, grading each tree to provide optimal selection for diverse market needs.

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Quality Christmas Tree Suppliers

We offer a selection of Christmas trees ranging from 4 ft to 10 ft in both Noble fir and Nordmann fir varieties. We recommend reaching out to us by the end of August. By then, our plantation’s growth season concludes, and we begin selecting and grading trees for wholesale. Should you decide to place an order, a 25% deposit might be needed to confirm your purchase.

Christmas Trees Ireland

About The Christmas Tree Cycle

Weed Control


As the soil warms up in March, our planting season begins. Prior to this, the designated area undergoes ploughing, rotivating, and assessments for water runoff which can impact soil health and tree growth. During planting, each tree specimen is delicately placed, ensuring no harm to its roots.

Grass Clippings


By the close of April, after all planting is done, we meticulously spread fertiliser by hand. Throughout the summer, our dedicated team manages growth control, pruning, and shearing to cater to our clients’ preferences. As August concludes, we initiate the grading of trees based on their quality and size.



By the close of November and the onset of December, we commence harvesting for our wholesale clients. If specified, our team will meticulously net the trees. After preparing them, they’re loaded for transportation and poised for the sales season.

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