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Open 18th November 2023 at both of our locations

For over 30 years, we’ve honed our expertise in forestry and, for two decades, perfected the art of growing real Christmas trees.

Our approach? We champion eco-friendly care. Our plantations thrive naturally, with Shropshire sheep keeping the grass trim. This ensures richer soil and a healthier environment and cuts down on herbicides for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

In search of the ideal real Christmas tree in Cork? We’ve got you covered! From snug 3ft trees for your living room to majestic 30ft large Christmas trees for community displays, our range caters to every need. Choose the best-selling types including Noble Fir and Nordman Fir.

  • Over 20+ years of experience
  • Devoted to Our Customers
  • Sustainably nurtured, handpicked for perfection
  • Eco-friendly Farming Practices
  • A Variety to Suit Every Home or Business
  • Passionate about a Greener Future

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With A Premium Blend of Tradition & Sustainability

Best Quality Trees In Cork

Over 20 years of experience using organic growing methods.


Tonnes Of CO2 Sequestered From Our Forestry & Tree Farm.

Organically Grown

We replace herbicides with Shropshire sheep.
There are 22Types Of Wildlife Living On Our Farm.

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Order your tree online instantly, and we will cover the rest. We offer delivery and collection after Christmas.

6 Reasons To Buy A Real Tree

Comparing Artificial Vs Real Christmas Trees

  • There is nothing like the scent and beauty of a real tree in Ireland.
  • The evergreen fir has been used in the celebration of Xmas for thousands of years.
  • Real are more environmentally friendly than artificial and are recycled into mulch for landscaping or gardening.
  • Tree farms provide refuge for wildlife, help sustain the rural economy and provide jobs.
  • They also take in carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases and release fresh oxygen into the air.
  • Whatโ€™s harvested is replaced every year, keeping a sustainable cycle.
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The Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir stand out as the best-selling Christmas trees in Cork and Ireland. These varieties are cherished for their distinctive qualities: the Noble Fir for its classic beauty, strong scent and needle retention, and the Nordmann Fir for its lush upright and neat foliage. Both offer robust branches to hold an abundance of decorations, which is why they are so popular among families looking to create that perfect holiday atmosphere at home.

The Noble Fir is renowned for its impressive longevity when it comes to retaining its needles and maintaining its freshness throughout the holiday season. This attribute, coupled with its beautiful shape and sturdy branches, makes the Noble Fir a favorite choice for those looking to enjoy their festive decorations for as long as possible. By ensuring proper care and regular water top-ups, your Noble Fir can stay vibrant and spirited well into the New Year.

Yes we provide delivery for home, office, hotels, communities and event.

Beginning 18th November 2023, our doors will be open seven days a week at both of our locations for your convenience.

Real Christmas trees support local agriculture and are renewable resources. They absorb carbon dioxide while growing and can be composted after use, returning nutrients to the soil. Plus, for each tree harvested, growers typically plant one to three seedlings in its place. In fact our plantations sequester over +2,900
Tonnes Of CO2.

Choosing a real Christmas tree supports local farmers and economies, and offers a traditional holiday experience. Each tree is unique and adds a natural beauty and aroma to your home that artificial trees can’t match.

The first step is to use a proper water stand โ€“ and we’ve got just the thing. Our robust water stands are designed to support your tree and provide it with a water supply. At our farm and tree shop, we don’t believe in early November cuts. Instead, we harvest our trees regularly to ensure maximum freshness when they reach your home. Plus, for a truly unique experience, you have the option to select your perfect live tree right from our farm, or pick one from the freshly harvested collection at our tree shop. With our approach, your Christmas tree will be a vibrant centrepiece of your holiday celebrations.

Around 600,000 trees are grown in Ireland per year. A lot of growers export which leads to shortages in some years.