Christmas Tree Growing On A Farm

How long it takes to grow a Christmas Tree?

It takes around to 10 to 12 years to grow an average sized 6-7ft Christmas tree from seed. They start from growing by seed in nurseries for 2 to 4 years and are then planted outdoors in christmas tree farms for another 8 years. In the first few years, they are very slow-growing while eventually growing an average of 1 foot per year after. How quickly it takes to achieve a full sized tree depends on a number of factors.

Factors that determine how long full sized Christmas tree will take to grow

  • Soil Type – How fertile and appropriate the soil is for growing.
  • Altitude – The higher the altitude the slower-growing a tree will be
  • Climate – Some climates can cause problems that can hamper growth such as drought and frostbite.
  • Nutrition – Providing a healthier tree with the right nutrition will ensure it thrives to achieve a full-sized height Christmas tree.

Growing Christmas Trees

There is no shortcut to how quickly it takes to grow a christmas tree. In general the faster a tree grows the less foliage and branches it will have while a slower tree will be bushier and fuller. Christmas trees plants grown from Kavanaghs are carefully grown in nurseries before being correctly planted outdoors in appropiate climate and soil type. Throughout the growth journey every single tree will need fertilizer, base pruning, gerneral pruning/shearing, bud picking, growth control and crop protection, etc. This process will need to be repeated every year until they have reached maturity level ready for harvest. Growers will also replace every tree that is harvested to ensure a rotational supply is available every year.

Growing Christmas Trees

Can I grow a Christmas tree in a pot?

You can purchase live pot grown trees which are sold mainly in Nordmann fir type from sellers. It will take longer to grow in a pot and would also need to be repotted into larger pots (if in small pots) over time in order to provide enough space for the roots to grow. A potted tree can also be planted in a garden if they become too large and will make a stunning outdoor tree over time.

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