Carbon Offset In Ireland Measured

Fintan Riordan, owner of Cork Christmas Trees has been growing trees for over 30 years and is a member of the Carbon Credit Group in Ireland. We are publishing current up-to-date figures for how carbon offset is calculated. With over …

pot grown christmas tree

Caring For Your Pot-Grown Christmas Tree In ireland

You know what they say, it’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas holiday. While we prepare for the holiday season, there’s a thing or two you should know about caring for your pot-grown Christmas tree before the …

cork christmas tree farm

Shropshire Sheep – Everything You Need To Know

Our world has made the transition into healthier alternatives. One such example is the desire to cut back on harmful pesticides that are used as a form of weed control. As our country (and the world itself) moves toward more …

christmas tree, ornaments, christmas

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – How To Decorate A Tree

While there are almost too many fun and enjoyable holiday festivities to count, one that always stands out as a fan favourite is decorating the tree. With vibrant ribbon, strands of garland, and sentimental ornaments that commemorate years past, your …

history of christmas trees

History Of Christmas Trees

Since what seems like the dawn of time, Christmas trees have been the common symbol of the Christmas season. Chances are you’ve never known a Christmas season without one furnished with decorations in your living room, but have you ever …

All The Different Types Of Christmas Trees

With roots (see what I did there) in Northern Europe, Christmas trees have been synonymous with traditional holiday festivities for as long as we can remember. And our beautiful country is no exception. Irish tree producers have been growing a …

Christmas Tree Wrapping

How to Choose a Christmas Tree?

The Holiday season accompanies a lot of fun and jolly activities. The preparations to celebrate the season to the fullest kick off weeks before it arrives. And honestly, that’s where the actual fun is. Going out to buy a Christmas …

How to Boost Color for Christmas Trees

August is a time when Christmas trees have finished there growth season and an important time to check if they need added nutrition to boost the color of there foliage. This can be done through foliar application or granules on …

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Christmas Tree Care Tips – How To Make Your Tree Last Longer?

The Holiday season is approaching and so is your anticipation for an all-new fresh and decorated Christmas tree. Buying and setting up the Christmas tree itself is a fun activity while adorning it with different ornaments adds a lot to …

christmas tree growing on a farm

How long it takes to grow a Christmas Tree?

It takes around to 10 to 12 years to grow an average sized 6-7ft Christmas tree from seed. They start from growing by seed in nurseries for 2 to 4 years and are then planted outdoors in christmas tree farms …

Cork at Christmas

Storage for Christmas

As it gets closer to Christmas you may find your home becoming cramped with more items. Coming up to Christmas there’s so much to organise. Cork Storage Centre that offers drive to access at any time of the day, 7 …

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Celebrate Christmas In Cork 2017

The scent and natural look of a real Christmas tree can’t be matched when compared with an artificial tree. Real trees are by far a better and popular choice when deciding whether to purchase a real or artificial tree.


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