Storage for Christmas

Cork at Christmas

As it gets closer to Christmas you may find your home becoming cramped with more items. Coming up to Christmas there’s so much to organise. Cork Storage Centre that offers drive to access at any time of the day, 7 days a week might be the best solution to put away items not needed or to temporarily store decorations and gifts. For the convenience of it, it can be worth it. Most facilities have short term options so you could rent space for just one month and allow you 24-hour access so you can access your items any time.

Storage for Christmas

Make room in your House for the New Year

When Christmas and New years celebration is over, how many of us grab our decorations and unwanted items and stuff them in the nearest cupboard or wardrobe? This can damage your decorations because they don’t have a suitable storage solution. If you have a lot of seasonal goods that aren’t going to be used, it may be best to use a self-storage unit to keep them in top condition for the following year and also making more room for all year round items. Most storage facilities are set up so you can drive right up to your unit which allows you more freedom to move or swap items throughout the year.

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